Is ERO an energy drink?

ERO is a fitness? drink, perfectly tuned for before, during, and/or after your workout. Also, the amino acids and vitamins in ERO make it a great “rest-day” supplement. No caffeine, no sugars, no calories—ERO’s 10g of BCAAs and proprietary vitamin complex consisting of vitamins B, D, and K, reduce hunger while directing your body to utilize fat—not muscle—for energy.

ERO’s proprietary blend of 10g BCAAs, along with other amino acids and a vitamin complex, gives clean, focused energy, without any jitters or crash.

What are BCAAs?

BCAAs are Branched-Chain Amino Acids. They’re scientifically proven to: Reduce Hunger, Burn Fat, Protect Lean Muscle, Reduce Fatigue, Increase Endurance, Improve Cognitive Functions. They’re naturally occurring proteins.

If BCAAs sound too good to be true, we ask that you simply try ERO to see for yourself!

What makes ERO superior to other products?

Our beverage is simple, convenient, and loaded with more functional ingredients than any beverage on the market. ERO is high-potency in ways that other products wish they could be. Our proprietary formula packs 16,000mg (16g) of BCAAs, amino acids, and vitamins into a small 6oz bottle. No other beverage can come close to claiming they have the amount of supplements that ERO has per oz. Only with ERO’s 16 grams of supplements will your energy and clarity soar Your muscles will thank you.

Why is there white stuff at the bottom of the bottle?

That white powder is ERO’s working, functional ingredients, like the amino acids. Just turn the bottle upside down, shake back and forth or up and down, and voila! If ERO’s refrigerated, you may have to shake a little harder. You should also ask yourself, Why don’t other “vitamin” or “functional” drinks showcase their ingredients?

Do I need to drink ERO cold?

No. Refrigerated or not, ERO is the same. As with everything else, though—refrigerate after opening.

What’s the flavor?

We want ERO to be its own phenomenon, not only with regards to its loaded, small size, but also its unique taste. Why are so many “healthy” or “functional” drinks so sweet? Because they don’t have anything in them. ERO’s tartness comes from its ingredients, with a slightly highlighted mango flavor to give it a uniqueness all its own.

When should I drink ERO?

A few minutes before your workout is the perfect time to take ERO. Our small size prevents excess liquid from sloshing around in our stomach, so it’s great for any physical activity. If you don’t feel like eating right after your workout—no matter how exhausting it was—take another ERO and you’ll buy yourself some time before having to gorge on those pancakes.

Here’s a trick: Wake up and drink ERO. You won’t need breakfast for hours, and your body and mind will love you for it!

As always, we recommend you consult your physician with health-related questions.

Does ERO contain caffeine? Calories?

No caffeine, no calories. So it’s perfect for you intermittent fasters out there, and it’s perfect if you don’t want to spike you insulin with sugar-based beverages and/or foods.

The energy you receive after drink ERO comes from the unique interactions between the ingredients in our proprietary blend. That’s what clean, focused energy is supposed to feel like without caffeine.

Why does ERO cost a little more?

ERO has no comparison, and so has no competitors. A $2-$3 bottle of water, a $5 coffee slushy, a $2 sugary-vitamin drink (which only has maybe 200mg of functional ingredients), ERO’s 16,000mg of functional ingredients come to you and a relatively small price, for you and your health.

Those vitamin and/or energy soft drinks are just flavored and/or caffeinated water with such small quantities of functional ingredients, you’d have to drink dozens upon dozens of them to get the power and nutritional value packed in one bottle of ERO.

How can I sell ERO at my gym?

Please email Richard at richard@eroisnow.com for ERO account inquiries. We work closely with the gyms that we supply—offering promos and samplings—and would love to start the process with you today.

Where can I buy ERO?

ERO is expanding throughout the East Coast and will soon be available on the West Coast.

For convenience, we’re happy to offer online orders with inexpensive shipping and frequent discount promos, as well as through our Amazon store, where you can enjoy Prime Member shipping